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Danelle Ebbel, L.Ac., RYT

Danelle Ebbel, L.Ac., is the Founder of Fine Balance Wellness and is licensed in NY and CA in the fields Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and Yoga. Danelle’s path to incorporating acupuncture and yoga in her own life is a very personal one. In 1999, she developed epilepsy as a residual effect of a past car accident. After many years of being unsuccessfully treated by traditional western medicine and bio-pharmaceuticals, she gratefully discovered a combination of acupuncture, herbs, yoga and breathing techniques that were able to completely abate the seizures.

Danelle currently maintains a private practice at the Classical Wellness Center in Chelsea. She also works at Exhale Spa on Central Park South and at Lutheran Hospital in Brooklyn on the Neurology floor treating recent stroke patients. She teaches corporate yoga classes to a variety of corporations around New York City.

Danelle completed her four-year Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine from the renowned Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

She has performed acupuncture at various clinical settings including:

  • St. Vincent’s Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • The Initiative for Women with Disabilities at New York University Hospital for Joint Disease
  • Lutheran Hospital’s Labor and Delivery and Neurology Departments

Danelle is also a National Association Detoxification Association Specialist and has worked with patients undergoing drug addiction rehabilitation at the Lincoln Recovery Center at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx. In addition, Danelle has studied in both China and India, at both the University of Beijing under the Department Chair of Herbology and TCM, and the Brahma Ashram in Kerala.

“My life’s work is to support the mind and body in obtaining the highest levels of health possible,” she says. “I am committed to passing this knowledge on to my patients, empowering them to influence their own unique health situations in a positive way, enabling them to live fully in the present and pursue their destiny. The curative powers do not lie in the practitioner you see periodically, but lie within the choices you make and the tools you have to achieve them.”

It is her passion to assist everyone – from young children to adults – in their personal journey to harmonize their lives and achieve better health and wellness.